8 Reasons Football Will Get Men In Shape For The Summer

Any man that wants to look good and make a statement for the summer needs to get in shape. A slim, athletic build is a lot easier on the eyes than a chubby one. And, no man wants to embarrass themselves when they take off their shirt this summer. There are plenty of options that men have to get fit, some better than others. One option that always works is football. For all the men reading this looking for a sport to get into shape, soccer is right up your street. Not only is it basic and easy to play, but it is good for weight loss and the body’s cardiovascular system.

Below are eight more reasons why football is the sport of choice this summer when it finally arrives!

#1: It Is Intense

There aren’t many better workouts than football because of the intensity. Indeed, the current game is as intense as ever before. Thanks to teams like Barcelona and Spain, a high-pressing game is in at the minute. Although they are top teams, their style of play trickles down all the way to the grassroots. Nowadays, pub teams and Sunday league clubs also try and replicate the modern trends, and that increases the intensity.

#2: Works Lots Of Muscles And Systems

Notice the definition of the muscles the next time you take a look at a footballer’s physique. Some of that is down to gym work, but a lot of it is down to the type of exercise. Football works muscle groups in the legs, arms and the core. That means a player’s thighs, upper arms, and abdominals all get a workout. Try that in the gym for ninety minutes and see how far you get! A game of football also mixes aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Both are essential for fitness because they contribute to a more efficient V02 Max and weight loss. Because players sprint and jog around, they exercise with and without oxygen.

#3: It Is Social

Football is a team game, and players have to work together to succeed. That means that people make friends and enjoy the social aspect of playing a sport. The benefits of socialising while working out are irrefutable. For one thing, it provokes a sense of competition. No one wants to be the unfit one of the entire group. Plus, it also provokes a sense of guilt and responsibility. Most players know that they have to keep their fitness high to perform to a high standard. Letting it drop below a certain level means letting the team down. That is one of the worst feelings in life.



#4: Incentives

The last paragraph listed a few intrinsic incentives, but there are extrinsic ones too. Although it is unlikely, a fit player at the top of his game can make it professionally. The unfit ones that don’t care only ever perform at a lower level. Then there are the awards. Football trophies from Premier Trophies are easy to come by, and they are handed out at the end of season parties. Anyone that wants to get their hands on a trophy needs to perform. And, to perform, a player has to be fit enough to play their role to a high standard. It doesn’t matter whether you take it seriously or not, a trophy is always a good incentive to play better.

#5: Lasts For A Long Time

How often do you go to the gym for a ninety-minute workout session? The thought alone is enough to make some people shudder! A ninety-minute game is a long time, and it is hard to replicate outside of football. Inside of football, the game seems to fly by at a pace. At the end of the game, you feel tired. But, it never crosses your mind to stop and go home for your dinner. At the gym, that is always a niggling thought one must put to the back of their mind. To get through an hour at the gym is an achievement.



#6: The Fun Factor

The reason a game of football flies by is because it is fun. Even if it is terrible to watch, you don’t realise until after the game. As a player, you are entrenched in the game and playing your role for the team. That does bring some pressure, but it hardly ever dilutes a player’s enjoyment levels. There is nothing like scoring a goal or running with the ball to give your heart a burst of adrenaline. Of course, humans need enjoyment to continue exercising. If people don’t enjoy their work out, they tend to stop altogether. You will be the same, which is why taking in pleasure in sport is essential for fitness.

#7: More Than A Game

Saturdays and Sundays are for playing the competition in competitive matches. But, that isn’t the only time you will play football over the course of a week. Any team that takes it half seriously will also train during on weekdays. That might only happen once or twice a week, but it is two times more than you would otherwise. At the end of the week, you might have played football three times, including ninety-minutes at the weekend. That is a lot of exercise for any person, and it is more than enough to keep a man fit.



#8: All Year Round

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is at the minute because football happens all year around. The typical season takes place from the end of summer to the start of summer. It isn’t even hard to find a 5-a-side team to keep the blood pumping during the middle of summer. A football player doesn’t get much rest, which is a good way to stay fit. The health freaks among you will also supplement football with more exercise. But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t because it is usually enough for the average man.

Now that you know about the benefits of football, it is time to join a club. By the time you hit the beach, you will look like Cristiano Ronaldo!

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