6 Oral Health Facts for Men

Even though there are a lot of men who never neglect their oral health, we simply must state that there are still guys who don’t really care about their teeth and mouth. This can lead to a variety of problems, from less serious to more complicated ones, so keep on reading to learn about six facts that can help you improve your overall oral health. Just check them out and get down to business!

Guys are less likely to go to the dentist…

When compared to women, men are less likely to visit a dentist, which is one of the biggest problems when it comes to maintaining good oral health. We must also mention that guys tend to visit a dentist only when they have a specific problem that requires immediate treatment, rather than seeking preventative dentistry. If that’s the case with you, too, be sure to remember that regular dental checkups can diagnose and treat particular problems from an early age and therefore reduce a risk of developing more serious issues.

… And therefore more likely to need advanced care

As a lot of men tend to simply avoid their regular checkups, it’s quite logical that they generally need more advanced care. Decay is definitely one of the most common dental problems, and filling is its go-to treatment in the early stages. However, when you decide not to deal with it, it’s highly likely that you’ll need a root canal and dental crowns, and you know what? It can be easily prevented by visiting your dentist at least twice a year!

Men generally brush their teeth less often than women

Speaking of everyday oral hygiene, we can freely say that a lot of guys are pioneers of insufficient brushing – especially when it comes to brushing their teeth after every meal. Apart from various dental problems, this bad habit can also lead to really bad breath, so be sure to do whatever it takes to step up your oral hygiene routine. Apart from the brushing and flossing, you should also get a quality tongue scraper that will help you get rid of the bacteria buildup and even improve your sense of taste, which is beyond awesome!

They are at a risk of developing gum disease, too

All of the above being said, it shouldn’t surprise you that men are also at a higher risk of developing gum disease. Even though it doesn’t seem too scary, trust us when we say that it can get quite serious – particularly when you realize that it’s much more than just a mouth problem. Gum disease is an issue that can affect your whole body by causing various heart and respiratory diseases, as well as certain types of cancer, so make sure to take it seriously and pay a visit to your dentist ASAP.

Men are also twice as likely to have oral cancer

When it comes to oral cancer, we must mention that, when compared to women, men are twice as likely to get it, which is probably due to poorer oral hygiene that can cause a plethora of problems. Of course, we should also say that oral cancer treatment can be incredibly successful when it’s caught early, which is why you should visit your dentist regularly. Just don’t let oral cancer jeopardize your life and take proper care of yourself no matter what!

They are at a higher risk of dry mouth as well

Last but not least, guys are at a higher risk of dry mouth as well, as their poor oral hygiene can lead to heart diseases and high blood pressure medications that can cause dry mouth. In case you didn’t know, your saliva protects your mouth against different types of bacteria, which is exactly why dental problems can increase when it’s low. This is a good enough reason to maintain your everyday oral hygiene routine and take it to a whole new level if necessary, so don’t wait any longer and make that happen!

As you can see, there are so many oral health problems a lot of men worldwide are likely to deal with due to their inadequate routines. Needless to say, each one of them can be prevented once you decide to take proper care of your teeth and mouth, so be sure to do that and you’ll see an instant improvement!

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