6 Key Causes Of Stress In The Workplace

A job is something many of us have a love/hate relationship with. You may enjoy the work that you do but aren’t fond of the office you work in, or absolutely adore your coworkers and boss, but feel unaccomplished in your duties. Despite what many believe, it is possible to genuinely and completely love your employment. All you need to do is deal with the big issues causing you bother. With that in mind, here are six key causes of stress for you to tackle in the workplace.


  1. Fear Of Job Loss

After watching a bunch of your coworkers receiving their pink slips, it’s only natural to worry about your place in the company. However, you should try to keep this from affecting your work. You don’t want to give your boss any reason to be annoyed with you, after all. To feel more in control, start hunting for a new job now. This means you’ll be prepared if the worst happens.

  1. Lack Of Vital Training

No one can walk into a company and know exactly how to do their job right away. They need to be given the proper training first. If you weren’t provided with this when you first started, then you may struggle to match the demand of the job, which is sure to cause some stress. To remedy this issue, you should speak to your boss and ask for the training you need to improve your skills.

  1. Disinterest In The Work

When you’re not passionate about what you do, the time you spend at work can feel unbearable. Because of this, you should consider heading to Indeed, Jobs in Football, or another employment site to find a role you care about. If this seems too drastic a step for right now, then try to find passion in your current work. Asking for additional responsibilities may allow you to do this.

  1. Too High A Workload

During typically busy periods, like the summer and Christmas, you may find that your workload significantly increases. While you may be able to handle this additional work, it’s equally possible that it can get on top of you, damaging your work-life balance and causing exhaustion. You’re no use to your boss when you’re sick, so voice your concerns so that they can find a solution.

  1. Interruptions Throughout The Day

Constant interruptions in the workplace can make it incredibly difficult to focus. Whether it be email notifications or phone calls, these will result in a lack of productivity, which will cause you unnecessary stress. Thankfully, you can limit these interruptions by putting your devices in Do Not Disturb mode. You can also wear headphones to drown out other noises in the office.


  1. Conflict With A Coworker

While your workplace doesn’t exist for you to make friends, it can certainly help things if you do. After all, happy employees are more productive employees. This means that, when you have a falling out with a colleague, it can ruin the atmosphere for everyone and make you dread going into work. When possible, you should try to settle this dispute in a calm and diplomatic way.

No one should hate going into work, so make sure that you tackle the causes of stress in your workplace.

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