5 Style Resolutions Every Man Should Make in 2019

Generally, the ‘clean slate’ that we envision before the kickoff of every New Year has become a bit of a cliché, especially in the light of the fact that most of us are not as strong willed to keep the numerous resolutions we make. However, when it comes to style and fashion, resolutions are fun and refreshing, not to mention that they’re easy and actually a pure joy you want to keep. Now, whether you’re the guy who loves shopping and is very diligent when it comes to your personal style, or someone on the opposite side of the spectrum, these style resolutions are so simple that no matter which group you belong to, you’ll have no trouble making and bringing them to life. Therefore, follow us as we guide you through these five easy steps towards amping up your style in the glorious 2019.

Get in the lab

Yes, you heard it right – get in the fashion lab and start experimenting. Having an established sense of style is amazing, but if you always stick to the same cuts and colors and stay within your comfort zone, you risk going from fostering a signature style to fostering one that’s just plain dull and predictable. Therefore, if you’re a minimalist, try to incorporate some color, prints and unexpected cuts into your wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be anything that will ruin your style, just a little something to shake things up. On the other hand, if you find that your wardrobe is overly picturesque, tone it down a bit with some quality basics in minimalistic neutral hues. This year’s trends are all about versatility and balance, so don’t feel like you have to stay loyal to one trend only. The fashion world is your oyster, so dive in and try something out of the box.

Pull a Barney Stinson

As slightly annoying as he was at times, the one thing the fictitious Barney Stinson was right about is that ‘nothing suits me like a suit’. Let’s call a spade a spade, a man can look amazing in many an outfit, but a well-tailored suit just puts his looks through the roof. Depending on the occasion, it can make you look professional, dapper, sexy or all of the above. There are amazing places you can get a ready-to-wear or a custom-made suit. There are tailored suits in Melbourne, the rest of the major cities in the land Down Under and virtually any larger city in the world. Regardless of where you are, there will always be a great suit waiting for you to snag it, and once you purchase your first one, you definitely won’t stop at one. Trust us on this one.

Go green

As the awareness of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fashion world, people have been jumping on board and making sure their clothing is ethical. That means purchasing from small ethical designers and brands, buying domestic if you will, checking whether the fabric is sustainable. There is also the issue of making sure the brand you give your money to treats its employees right as well as the staying power of the garments in question. You want quality, preferably organic fabrics that haven’t been processed to death. The fashion industry has a major responsibility in keeping the sustainable fashion movement going. However, as consumers, we also bear a large part of the burden. It’s our job to purchase quality items that won’t end up on landfills in less than a year, so when in doubt, be ethical.


The something special

As previously mentioned, every man should have some kind of distinctiveness to him. Whether you’re adding or removing color from your wardrobe, experimenting with new cuts and patterns and prints, you need something that will be unequivocally you. Think in terms of great footwear – you can be the guy known for his amazing shoe collection. You can, for instance, embrace the athleisure trend in that way and stock up on truly amazing and trendy sneakers. If that’s not up your alley, there are tons of other signature-making ‘moves’. You can wear hats and fedoras and be known as that guy, or the guy with the amazing watch and a signature fragrance. Whatever is your style cup of tea, go for it, and make your presence known. All of these suggestions are both highly trending but timeless at the same time, so you’re good no matter what you choose.

Not to be forsaken

Style isn’t just about clothes and how you wear them. It’s also about personal grooming or better yet, the extent of it. A great haircut speaks volumes of your persona, not to mention that it takes your style to a whole new playing field. If you have a beard, make sure it’s nicely trimmed, always well-groomed with the best products. Finally, make sure you take good care of your face, use a good moisturizer and cleanser. Grooming is as much a part of your style as clothes are – it’s the cherry on the sundae, and it has never been more important than this year. Look sharp, be clean and always have a great haircut. You’re all set now, so go and make 2019 your most stylish year yet.

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