5 Reasons Every Bachelor Should Have a Vacation Home in Florida

Almost all singles have gone through the same dilemma: Friends want to go on a vacation, which sounds fun, but has its own unique problems. Where to go? Who’s going to book the trip? What’s the place going to be like? Then follows the endless hours of scrolling through vacation rental websites and even more time spent on emails and group texts.

But imagine if you could make it easier on yourself and those you’re going by just saying: “Let’s go to my second home in Florida.” Done. It’s just a hop on a flight and off to the sunny weather and clear waters of the Sunshine State.

But this isn’t the only reason bachelors and bachelorettes should have a second home in Florida. Untethered by kids or a spouse, this second home is a place you can go to any time you want — and it’s a good investment too. Let’s not forget, it’s pretty impressive.

Here are 5 reasons every bachelor should have a vacation home in Florida.

The Weather

Florida is synonymous with just one thing: excellent weather. Azure skies are a year-round occurrence and temps never dip below any more than temperate. That’s why people from all over the world love it here. Even when it’s the dead of winter up North, you can find yourself relaxing in the rooftop Sky Pool of the Brickell Flatiron with your friends or that special someone as you enjoy 360-degree views of Miami and Biscayne Bay.

The Beach

Sun worshippers and beachcombers flock to Florida for its pristine beaches and warm water. With a vacation home here, you can indulge in beachside revelry whenever you want. There’s nothing better than waking up in your three-bedroom, ultra-modern Champalimaud-designed condo at 3550 South Ocean, having coffee on your sprawling balcony, and thinking to yourself: “Hey, I want to go to the beach today.” All you have to do is throw on your bathing suit, and you’re lounging on a chaise in under five minutes.

The Nightlife

You’ll be happy you worked on your tan during the day since Florida nightlife is some of the best in the world. Luckily, when you own a home in Florida, it’s just a quick Uber ride away. Whether you love to hit the clubs and dance the night away in South Beach or want a post-dinner listening session with some of the finest jazz musicians as you sip on a cocktail at Le Chat Noir, your options are wide open for a night of fun. Who knows? You might even meet someone and say goodbye to your bachelorhood for good.

The Rental Opportunities

Having a vacation home in Florida isn’t all sun and fun — although, it’s mostly is. Owning a home here is an investment opportunity of a lifetime. Over the past decade, places like Miami have become an international hub for the global elite, particularly those from South America who come here for vacation and business. That means there’s ample opportunity to make a few bucks when you aren’t using your place. Properties like Missoni Baia (yes, that Missoni) have not only a location right on the water on their side, but have resort-style amenities including a pool, lounges, and one of Miami’s largest spas that are sure to catch the attention of well-heeled would-be subletters.

The Future

And speaking of money, having a vacation home in Florida is a solid investment not just for your portfolio but for you personally. Once — and if — you do ever want to settle down, you’ll have a place to escape your work-a-day lifestyle with your whole family. And while it might not be on your mind now, once you’re finished with that work-a-day life, you’ll be all set in the ultimate place to retire in the warm climes of Miami.

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