5 Need-to-Know Brands in Counterculture

When it comes to shopping, you don’t have to get the same boring things as everyone else. There are plenty of brands out there that specialize in producing products that go against the current culture. When you buy one of these products, rather than something produced at a giant chain, you not only get to support smaller businesses, but you get to spread awareness about something you care about and jazz up your wardrobe. Here are 5 brands you should know in the counterculture.

What is Counterculture?

But first, what is counterculture?  Counterculture is a subculture of which the values go against the behavior of mainstream society. A classic example of this is the hippie movement in the 1960s. At a time when the world was shifting towards more war, corporatization and city-living, the hippie culture practiced peace, communal living and being more careful of the environment. And while the hippie movement may have mostly died out over the years, the effects of it are still seen throughout many other countercultures. Some more modern day causes include criminal justice, equal rights, and science advocacy.

#1 – The Cupcake Factory

First up, we have The Cupcake Factory. Started in Los Angeles, the Cupcake Factory aims to providing clothing that you won’t find at your typical retailers. All of their clothing is made of top-notch materials, and you won’t find their designs anywhere else. Shopping from The Cupcake Factory is a particularly good idea if you want to get clothing that showcases your enjoyment of weed. While weed is becoming more legal throughout the country, it is still considered an element of the counterculture. With some clothing from The Cupcake Factory you can support a local brand and let the world know it’s time to legalize weed.

#2 – All Riot

Next, we have All Riot. According to their mission statement, the purpose of All Riot is to “empower the masses.” They have no private board members or corporate owners. They also don’t outsource the creation of their clothing to sweatshops in other countries. At All Riot you’ll find apparel promoting things like open borders, climate change action, anti-patriarchy and pro-choice. They have a wide selection to choose from, so you can choose a cause that’s important to you and find some apparel to go with it. Best of all, your purchases go towards active All Rise fundraises, which seek to make real-world changes.

#3 – Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement began back in 2013. Since then it has continued to grow and is now seen as one of the largest counterculture protest movements in the world. To help fund their progressive advocacy, the official Black Lives Matter website has an apparel section of its own. On here you can find plenty of clothing options that will let you show your support for the Black Lives Matter movement. You can find everything from t-shirts to hats to bracelets to lapel pins. Join the largest counterculture movement currently happening today and grab yourself some official BLM merchandise.

#4 – Science of Apparel

It’s all too common for leaders of today to ignore the facts in front of them. When scientists speak up about the dangers facing our world, they are too often ignored by the people in charge. If you want to get the world out about the importance of science, you should check out the Science of Apparel. Science of Apparel operates in a sustainable way and creates clothing that both looks and feels great. On the Science of Apparel website, you can find clothing that promotes your love of science, or just ordinary clothing that looks and feels great. Either way, when you make a purchase through Science of Apparel, you’re supporting a smaller business that operates in a more ethical way.

#5 – Everlane

Finally, we have Everlane. Everlane is based in California and is all about transparency. As too many large companies and chains hide what they do or how they create your products, Everlane is looking to go against that norm. The spend a tremendous amount of time finding the best factories to work with, ensuring they choose ones that operate in an ethical way. They also reveal information like the costs associated with creating a product, so that the customer can see why they are paying what they are. If you think clothing companies should be more transparent and ethical, you can start by shopping at one that practices these tenants, such as Everlane.

Start Shopping for Counterculture Gear

There are plenty of brands that offer apparel in the counterculture. Take some time to explore your options, then pick up some things that fit your lifestyle. After you do, you’ll be able to promote the causes you care about and feel better about your shopping choices.

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