5 Most Common Skin Issues and How to Deal With Them

Being the exterior layer, one protecting virtually the rest of your body, the skin is on the receiving end of plenty of ‘bullets’. There’s harsh weather, irritation, different conditions, the occasional cut, you name it, the skin has gone through it. This is precisely why we need to take extra care of it – it’s not just an issue of esthetics it’s a health issue as well. So, let’s not wait any longer before we address the most common five of them most men deal in their lifetime. You’ll find solutions to your skin problems, the skin will be happy and healthy in turn, and you looking better than ever is just the added bonus.

The peskiest of them all

We all had high hopes that breakouts and pimples will be a thing of the past as soon as those hormone-raging teenage years are behind us. Well, as adults, we might not be dealing with hormones, but other factors can cause us to look like we’re teenagers again. Adult acne is a more common skincare issue for men than you might think, and the usual culprits are stress, poor diet, high humidity, pollution and even ingrown hair – if you’re a proud member of the bearded men movement.  There are times when it’s a matter of personal hygiene, but surprisingly, even if you’re the most meticulous dude out there, it can happen to you. Now, as this is a serious dermatological condition, paying a visit to your dermatologist is vital. You can’t fight clusters of acne by resorting to drugstore products. You need the help of a doctor who will first identify the source and tackle it with a prescribed course of treatment. Don’t take matters into your own hands in situations like these – you could only stand to make it worse.

Not knowing where to start

Not as serious as acne, but more a sign of neglect, you could be dealing with oily or dehydrated skin, or even notice signs of premature aging. For men, this usually comes as a result of not knowing their skin type and just moisturizing (or not) and washing with the first product they find at the drugstore. If this rings a bell – you’re doing it wrong. Skincare is a year-round commitment; well, actually, it is a lifelong one. Therefore, you should first determine your skin type and treat it with products designated to cater to your needs. For instance, among the most popular skin products you can find solutions for dry, oily and combination skin, as well as skin dealing with rosacea and pigmentation. If you have uneven skin pigmentation or age spots, you might find skin lightening solutions beneficial. Your only job is to figure out ‘who you are’ skin-wise, and find the best line possible, and of course, be persistent and patient. Once you find the products suited for you, things will start looking up.

Every guy’s nightmare

When you’re the guy who prefers a close shave, or even a beard fanatic who takes it off every now and then just to help it grow thicker, you almost inevitably face the irritation and itching after every shave. This can be fairly harmless, but it can also lead to serious irritation and even blisters. Now, it’s safe to assume that you’ve got the routine down, and there’s nothing you’re doing wrong. Still, make sure you always use a new clean razor for sanitary and sharpness reasons, wash your face with warm water beforehand to relax the skin and open the pores and always use a quality shaving cream – organic may be best as perhaps the irritation can come from the shaving product as well. Now, if you’re taking all the steps and the result is always the same, find a good shave balm instead of your regular aftershave, as this is bound to soothe the skin and minimize the risk of irritation.

The battle

This condition isn’t discussed nearly as much as it should be, because it affects a great number of men. It goes by the name psoriasis, and if you notice symptoms such as red, flaky or crusty patches of skin covered in silvery scales, you’re probably dealing with this condition. The bad thing about it, aside from the symptoms, is that it’s a long-lasting autoimmune disease that makes skin cells proliferate at an accelerated rate. It can cause you anything from discomfort in affected areas to significantly lowering the quality of life. While there is no cure for the condition just yet, there are lifestyle changes you can make to keep it under control. The first step is to stay away from dairy, refined grains, sugar, alcohol and especially processed foods. Introduce omega-3 fatty acids, add organic cold-pressed juice to your diet and everything else your dietitian and physician tells you to do – yes, you’ll have to visit one for this as well.

The fear

Despite common misconceptions, men fear aging the same way women do. Those fine lines, as well as deep visible ones, can really frighten a man, and it’s natural. None of us wants to grow old let alone look it before we actually are. Now, women already know that the secret lies in the everyday application of sunscreen (all year round, not just for the beach season) and it’s high time fellas learn all about broad spectrum sunblock. Yes, we biologically age later than women – skin-wise, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start protecting ourselves on time. Those UVA and UVB rays are merciless, so take precautions.

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