5 Men’s Going Out Shirts that Are Actually Unique

Hitting the club scene? Got a hot date? Grabbing a cold one with the guys? Whatever you’ve got on your weekend agenda, you’re probably going to throw on one of your men’s going out shirts in your closet. Although party shirts for men are every party lover’s staple, you don’t always have to look so basic either.

If you’re wondering how to stand out at parties, it’s as simple as stocking up on unique going out shirts. Instead of going after the standard, solid button-down shirt, try styles in tighter fits, longer cuts, and bolder patterns. One of the best places to find a really cool assortment of men’s party shirts is at Differio.com. An online-only stylish menswear store, Differio is the go-to online shop where men can experiment with different looks.

As long as you’re feeling confident in your shirt style, you’ll be scoring numbers and getting looks in no time. Here are the top five styles of going out shirts for men that’ll upgrade your party outfits to the next level.

  1. Muscle-fit Shirts

Do you find yourself constantly trying to find shirts that show off your buff arms? For fit guys and gym junkies alike, the best club shirt for you is the muscle-fit shirt. It’s sexy. It’s tight. And most of all, it shows off your muscles! Usually designed like any other button-down shirt, muscle-fit shirts also include crew neck t-shirts, polo tees, and collared tops.

What should you wear with men’s muscle-fit shirts? As one of the sexiest styles among men’s going out shirts, you can pair them with skinny jeans or pants. By layering them with tight pants, you’ll be exaggerating that tight fit.

  1. Holographic Shirts

If you’re still new to the holographic trend, don’t worry. This up-and-coming trend has just recently blown up in trendy menswear. From runway to Fashion Week, men are wearing these men’s going out shirts at almost every evening occasion. Holographic shirts have that space age look in iridescent colors. It almost looks like they managed to print an entire universe onto fabric, and it’s glorious.

What should you wear with men’s holographic shirts? Since these shirts are loaded with tiny rainbow colors, you might want to keep your pants neutral. Any pair of black skinny jeans or white chino pants will do the trick.

  1. Longline Shirts

If you’re a party animal on the taller side, then longline shirts are for you! These party shirts for men are designed with an extra-long length than the standard shirt. Depending on the brand, some shirts can be so long that they hit mid thigh. This is why we don’t recommend this style for really short men because it can make them look even shorter.

What should you wear with men’s longline shirts? These are probably one of the most versatile men’s going out shirts. If you’re digging the longline look, then you can pair them with joggers, meggings, or skinny pants.

  1. Sequin Shirts

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of standard going out shirts are quite solid and plain. However, sequined shirts are one of those fun, party shirts for men that’ll always get you in the spotlight. This one’s for the fearless trendsetter that wants all eyes on him. You’ve got to be bold to pull off this look. Some shirts are designed with sequins all over, but you can also find solid shirts with sequined accents.

What should you wear with men’s sequined shirts? If you’re ready to don one of the flashiest men’s going out shirts, then you should pair it with neutral bottoms. We don’t recommend showing up in sequins from head to toe because it’ll look too overwhelming.

  1. Color-Block Shirts

The colorblock trend is one of the coolest ways to wear two colors or more on one top. If you love mixing and matching shades, you won’t be disappointed when you’re wearing colorblocked shades. These are the party shirts for men that like vivid and bold texts, graphics, and patterns. Moreover, there’s something vintage about them that a lot of guys love rocking at dive bars.

What should you wear with men’s colorblock shirts? You’re already wearing party tops in multicolored fabrics so don’t crazy with the pants. You can either go neutral or play around with complementary shades.

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