5 Great Benefits Of Opting For OEM Motorcycle Parts


There are so many options nowadays when you are looking for motorcycle parts, that it can be quite overwhelming trying to work out which is best for you.  Do you opt for genuine, used, or maybe aftermarket or OEM parts?  Looking around the internet for replacement and spare parts will only give you more problems than solutions, if you are unsure which type of parts to go for as they all look like good options, to the uninitiated.  It is important to not just choose the first deal you come across and to avoid making decisions on parts based on price alone.

Therefore, whether you are looking for Yamaha parts or Honda motorcycle parts, we will give you the low down on why you should try OEM parts.

Assurance That You Are Getting A Quality Item

As all OEM parts are duplicate to the parts the manufacturer used at the time of building the bike, you can be sure they will be of a similar quality and will fit your bike.  This means you can buy the part, have it fitted and then start using your bike again without too much worry.

Ensures You Retain Your Warranty

For parts that aren’t OEM, manufacturers cannot offer the same guarantee and warranty for these parts and their performance, and therefore, although aftermarket parts can be better value, if they are voiding your manufacturers warranty, the deal is less good.  Whereas with OEM parts, because they are the exact same as the parts you got with your bike, they are covered.

Assurance That They Meet Safety Standards

Parts that are made by third party companies, even if they are good imitations, will not always meet the same safety standards as the original bike’s parts.  Rather than getting aftermarket parts, by getting OEM parts you can be sure they are going to be as safe as the original parts that came with your bike, because they are exactly the same.  This means your bike is not suddenly less safe to use because of one or two parts you have replaced.

Great Value For Money

It’s true that there are less expensive ways still than investing in OEM parts, but the cost is not the only thing you should be looking at.  OEM parts offer you greater value for money than some of the other routes you could go down for spare and replacement parts.  As we have said before, because they are the same parts that were used originally, they will offer better performance and durability than cheaper imitations.

Greatly Reduces Your Bike’s Downtime

Whether you need your motorcycle for recreational purposes or daily commutes, you will want to avoid having too much downtime.  By choosing to go down the OEM parts route you can keep downtime to a minimum, as you are not having to search high and low for those elusive spare parts that are the right fit for your machine.  Most retailers, like Bike Bandit, are very familiar with OEM parts and will have a plentiful supply of them in stock.

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