5 Fun Paintball Games You Have to Play



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Paintball is one of the most popular ways of spending time with your friends. It’s a fun team sport that provides a good workout and makes every single experience exciting. However, some of the more adventurous people soon find out that playing the same old elimination game can get a bit boring.

Sure, there are a lot of reasons paintball is good for you. Not only that it’s a great way of staying fit, but it also helps you develop and strengthen your interpersonal skills and self-confidence. Paintball can help you get rid of the stress and teaches you how to work better in a team. The list of health benefits is endless.

But, you can’t ignore the fun, right? After all, it’s the main ingredient?

Well, as you are about to find out, there are a whole lot of variations of this game. So, don’t give up on it just yet.

  1. Capture the Flag

One of the best ways to put the fun back into paintball is to turn it into a capture the flag game. Many people play this variation because is easy and adds something extra to the regular elimination/slayer type of game.

In this game, the focus is shifting from eliminating your opponents to just capturing their flag. It requires some strategy, some thoughtful thinking and a lot less paint than a regular game. Also, if you really enjoy it, know that there are even variations of this variation – the flag can be either in the center of the field, either one flag on each side. See which one works best for you!

  1. Superman

If you’re ready for more challenging outdoor activities, you should play the Superman.

If what you hate about the standard paintball game is the fact that you can get eliminated, then this variation will quickly become your favorite.


You play until you surrender. You get to shoot as much as you want and the winner is declared after everyone else has surrendered – either because they’re out of munition,or because they’re exhausted. Be careful, though; it might get out of hand if people become too competitive.

  1. King of the Hill

This paintball game is based on the concept that you are supposed to conquer bases. Each player is like soldiers who are at war. The more bases you conquer, the more you are advancing in the game. In the end, the team that owns all the bases wins the game.

  1. Scenarios

This type of game requires a big dose of creativity. It’s becoming one of the most complexes and appreciated variations because every scenario is unique and the fun never ends. Also, it requires a serious amount of role play and strategy, pushing your mind to work out as hard as your body does.

  1. Assassins

For the competitive ones who enjoy mystery, this variation is perfect. Here’s how it goes.

Each player pulls someone else’s name out of a hat. Then, they have to hunt that person. Each player is on his/her own and has to try to shoot only his target while protecting himself of the possible assassin on his track.

It’s one of the most difficult types of paintball games, mostly because all the teamwork is cut out and you have to survive alone in a field full of people you can’t trust.

In the end, no matter which variation captured your attention, you should know that there are even more variations out there. If you’ve tried them all, why not invent a special game with your friends. I’d love to hear your ideas.

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