5 Cool Shoes for Men You Can Actually Wear All Year


If there’s anything more essential for maintaining a trendy wardrobe, it’s cool shoes for men. As much as we get hung up on what designer jeans just dropped on stylish menswear stores like Differio, footwear is really what can make or break an outfit. Just think about it – you wouldn’t go to a beach wedding in an expensive, designer tuxedo just to finish the look with sandals. The same goes for any outfit you put together for work, school or down time.

On the other hand, shoes can also be extremely seasonal items that you can only wear during certain times of the year, like snow boots and flip flops. You might feel like you’re investing money on items that don’t get much use except for those few times you’re swimming in Jamaica or skiing in Colorado.

To get the most out of that well-earned paycheck, you should look for cool men’s shoes that you could also wear 365 days of the year. We’re not saying to never buy leather sandals, but if you find yourself only wearing them for two months, you might want to rethink what shoe styles you’re buying.

Here are the incredibly cool shoes for men that every guy needs, so your wardrobe will be looking on point all year round.

  1. Slip On Shoes

Men’s slip ons are the kind of cool shoes for men that you can wear to the beach and not look crazy. Usually available in leather or canvas, slip-on sneakers and loafers are incredibly comfortable and even easier for that slip-on-and-go look. For a year-round look, we recommend going for faux-leather slip ons because they’re breathable enough for warm weather and resilient enough for winter.

  1. High Top Sneakers

There’s really never a “wrong time” to wear men’s fashion sneakers, especially high top sneakers. Even mens casual sneakers are known for being comfortable while still making a fashion statement. High-top sneakers are the particularly cool shoes for men that you can wear any time of the year because of their tall design. Since they’re built higher on the ankle than low-top sneakers, it’ll shield your legs from cold winds, but they won’t suffocate your feet in summer heat. Today’s sneakerheads are stocking up on cool high tops in metallic gold and iridescent silver.

  1. Oxfords

If you’re a businessman that’s only got time for workwear, your best bet is to go with mens oxford shoes. Similar to loafers for men, oxfords are a bit more functional in design because they’ve got laces and expose less skin around the ankles. Most guys choose to wear loafers without socks because they just look more stylish that way, but oxfords can be worn either way. If it’s summer, you can wear these cool shoes for guys sans socks with a pair of cuffed or cropped jeans. When winter rolls around, you can layer them with thick dress socks and tailored chinos.

  1. Chukka Boots

Chukka boots aren’t your average mens fashion boots. Also known as desert boots, these cool shoes for men were originally created for men in the South African army to withstand environments in desert conditions. Desert climate is known for changing drastically in just 24 hours from extreme dry heat to brisk, cold nights. This is one of many reasons why they’ve gained popularity among trendy mens shoes. They’re a cool blend of stylish and casual, and you can still pull them off in middle of a heat wave in New York City. Granted, you’ll have to wear them with chino shorts and graphic tees.

  1. Sneaker Boots

The sneaker boot is exactly what it sounds like – a sneaker and a boot in one design. They kind of look like a cross between mens combat boots and high top sneakers. Since they’ve got that sneaker look, you can wear them to rooftop bars in the summer without looking like you just bought new shoes for next fall. Additionally, they’re just as tough for the coldest of winter climates. These stylish shoes for men are probably the closest things to fresh-off-the-runway, designer shoes for men.

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