5 Best Restaurants in New York York City for 2019

Whether it’s spending a night indulging in world-class performing arts, enjoying the plentiful green spaces, or just luxuriating an amenity-filled luxury condo, New York City offers its residents myriad ways to spend their leisure time. There are enough activities to fill a lifetime without ever having to leave the island of Manhattan. But the one common pastime that binds all New Yorkers is dining. 

Eating is more than just a hobby here — it’s a passion, a passion that brings foodies and gastronomes from around the world to this vibrant city that’s home to 8 million — 8 million people who need to be fed. 

There are thousands of options to choose from, but we’ve made things easier and are giving you our list of the best. 


Take a trip to Paris — TSA PreCheck is unnecessary — with a quick excursion to Buvette in the heart of the West Village. This bistro is open from breakfast to well past dinner so feel free to stop in for weekend brunch or a nightcap and a snack before heading home. Whatever time of day you choose to sit in this petit restaurant, you’ll be privy to some of the best French food in the city (the owner of Buvette opened a Parisian outpost that’s très popular with the stylish denizens of that European culture capital). The vibe here is intimate yet buzzy, and it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite spot for celebrities to stop by to feast on small plates of French fare, like the Platonic ideal of a croque monsieur covered with cheese and cured ham served on a crusty French bread with cornichon to balance the rich bechamel. 

Red Rooster

For almost ten years, the gastronomic elite has been heading uptown for a taste of Ethiopian-Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson’s divine twist on Southern comfort food. Try the restaurant’s roll-up-your-sleeves take on the chicken sandwich — the crispy bird sandwich. This dish elevates your typical fried chicken to a different level with a slathering of goat cheese a dabble of Ethiopian stew, and, of course, crisp pickles. Enjoy the excitement that reverberates throughout the restaurant, and head downstairs to Ginny’s Supper Club for live music, lively conversation, and post-dinner libations.

Eleven Madison Park

There’s good reason why Eleven Madison Park has topped the list of best restaurants in the world for years. In this restaurant, you’ll be transported back to a more refined time when people dressed in tuxedos and gowns in which to enjoy dinner. The elegant confines of Eleven Madison park are surpassed only by its sublime cuisine. Eater calls it a “gateway drug to artistic fine dining” And the menu changes seasonally — and dramatically — there’s almost a complete overhaul of the offerings several times a year. Recently the lavender-and-honey-crusted duck made an appearance on the menu much to the delight of Eleven Madison Park diners. 

Per Se

Citrus-cured hiramasa “carpaccio,” “pavé” of slow-cooked steelhead trout, charcoal-grilled Miyazaki wagyu, and aged “gruyère” with black winter truffles. At Per Se you give yourself over to the French Laundry’s Thomas Keller’s vision of haute cuisine. There’s an emphasis on the “haute” this restaurant has a high altitude, located atop the time warner center, high prices, and high standards for food.


For almost 60 years the Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram Building stood as the pinnacle of power in the NYC dining scene. In fact, in was the home of the “power lunch.” movers, shakers, brokers, and celebs all clamored to grab a reservation around its iconic pool. That version of the restaurant closed in 2016 but has recently been resurrected as THE GRILL, and to no one’s surprise, it is attracting movers, shakers, et al. for all dining periods. Whether you want the signature Seagram’s crab cake for one of those power lunches or the larded squab festooned with preserved orange, you’ve found the perfect place to assert your influence while devouring a mouthwatering meal. 

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