5 Awesome iPad Apps for the Dapper Dude

The great thing about the way technology has developed is that it has given us so much more to do in terms of communication and entertainment. Remember your first home computer? Could you have guessed that you would one day be holding something as sophisticated and powerful as an iPad? It’s unlikely, because we all thought what we had back then was the bees knees! Now, we have the world at our fingertips, and if you haven’t got an iPad yet, check out the range of iPads Available at Domayne Australia and also have a look at some of the fantastic apps you can get.

Superb Apps

One of the most sought after and popular apps of the moment is Crackle; this is rapidly becoming the must-have app for entertainment purposes, as it offers free access – truly free, with no subscription – to a range of TV shows and films that is unbeatable. It’s well worth checking out, so have a look now.

Another must-have app, and this is one for the businessman, is the Apple suite iWork. This is a great set of resources for keeping up to date business-wise; it’s less detailed and not as top-heavy as the Microsoft equivalent, but it has a simple to use interface and is very much up to date. It’s also free so you can simply download it to your iPad right now and get going.

iPad Prices and More Apps

If you already have an iPad you might want to trade up to a newer model so you get the very best out of your apps and other resources. For the best prices you need to check out Domayne Australia; for example, you can get a very popular Apple iPad 32GB Gold which is a top selling colour, for a great price, and it’s one of the best deals around.

On your new iPad you can download apps such as Evernote, which is a truly excellent feature that you will find invaluable if you are a man on the move. Whether you want to make notes to remind you of your business commitments, to send lists to others, or simply to keep your social diary up to date, Evernote is a free and very effective way of keeping in touch, and one that is very popular among the young about town today.

Our final couple of apps are perhaps obvious, but sometimes when getting into your new iPad, you forget about that apps that you will definitely use the most. The first is, of course, the ubiquitous Facebook; many of us can’t leave the house without it, so make it a first download for your new device. The second one is YouTube, which is equally essential, and if you want to keep your channel updated, the iPad is the ideal device to keep you up to date and running.

Check out Domayne Australia now for the very best in latest iPads and accessories, and get up to date.

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