3 Embarrassing Problems That Can Be Resolved

Certain health issues can make us feel self-conscious and knock our confidence. The good news is, many embarrassing problems can be treated effectively. Keep reading to find out how to tackle three common but potentially humiliating health issues.

  1. Hair loss

Hair loss doesn’t have to be the end of the world. In fact, many men embrace their thinning locks. However, if your hair is receding and you’re not happy about it, there are steps you can take. For example, it’s easy to purchase off-the-shelf shampoos that can slow and even reverse the process of hereditary hair loss. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo is a popular choice and you can get it online or in a range of high street pharmacies and shops. When used daily and left on the scalp for at least 120 seconds, this shampoo has been shown to stimulate hair growth. It contains an active caffeine ingredient that works to limit the effects of male pattern baldness.

Another option is the prescription medicine Propecia, which contains the active ingredient finasteride. Taken daily in tablet form, this treatment has been shown to be effective in up to nine in 10 men who have male pattern baldness that’s characterised as mild to moderate. Bear in mind though, it can take several months before positive effects are seen.

  1. Bad breath

Did you know that approximately a quarter of us are thought to have bad breath on a frequent basis? In most cases, halitosis is caused by poor oral hygiene, which in turn leads to a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. So, if you’re worried about the state of your breath, it could be time to make some changes to your teeth cleaning regime. To stop bacteria from building up, it’s important that you brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, paying particular attention to the areas where your teeth meet your gums. For best results, change your toothbrush every three months and use multi-tufted bristles. It also helps to floss between your teeth and you might benefit from using an antibacterial mouthwash. You cant go wrong with a good electric toothbrush either.

Pay attention to your diet too. For example, cutting down on sugary drinks and snacks can lower the amount of bacteria in your mouth. Also, to stimulate the production of saliva, which helps to clean away food particles after meals, consider chewing sugar-free gum. Meanwhile, to catch any oral health problems early, make sure you go for regular check-ups at the dentist.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can cause sufferers to feel a sense of shame, but this is a widespread health issue. As many as half of all men between the ages 40 and 70 have the condition to some extent. If you experience ED for more than a few weeks, it’s vital that you see a doctor. This problem can be caused by potentially serious underlying health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. It can also be triggered by psychological factors like relationship problems, depression or anxiety.

Once you’ve discovered the cause of your ED, you can take effective steps to address it. This may involve treating underlying health problems, having counselling sessions or using targeted ED medicines like Viagra. You can find out more about your options by speaking to your doctor.

Whatever your embarrassing health issue, don’t be tempted to bury your head in the sand. If you’re proactive, solving the problem may be easier than you think.


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