17 Traits that Separate a Sigma Male from an Alpha Beta

In this short article, we take a look at the tell-tale Sigma male traits that should help you identify him from the Alpha and Beta male. So, let’s get going!

1: Sigma is a quiet man; don’t expect him to brag about his life or let you in too easily.

2: They do their own thing, they follow nobody and if they want to meet Columbian women they will do it on their own terms. They may even be leaders if they desire.

3: Having said that, Sigma man doesn’t really want to be the one competing with others, not does he want to be at the top of the tree. He will let the Columbian women find him, rather than searching for them.

4: He can be rebellious; he will undoubtedly go against the grain when it comes to current trends. Sigma male does not follow the crowd.

5: They hold a sort of mystery for women, as it is very hard to get into a Sigma males head. This is very attractive to some women.

6: The Sigma male holds a ‘bad boy’ reputation as he does nobody’s bidding. He is the sort of man that Latin women date for this reason.

7: Rules are a no-go for a Sigma man; you need to give him freedom, not ask him to stick to rules. This is a very important point when dealing with your Sigma man!

8: Similar to the above, even if its true, the Sigma male does not like to conform to a norm; he will not be put in a box, and will do all he can to be as individual as possible.

9: People will listen to a Sigma man talk, because he holds an air of authority. When holding court, he’s the one that gets the attention. Sigma male is smart!

10: When it comes to morals, the Sigma male’s ability to cross boundaries without any problem may get him into trouble, even if not intended.

11: Despite being able to stop a crowd when talking, you’ll find he doesn’t like to be the centre of attention. He’s noticeable by being the one who doesn’t follow convention.

12: You’ll also find his interests to be quirky and unusual, which should come as no surprise.

13: There are no conventions with a Sigma male, no fashions to follow, and they will go against current trends.

14: They are the ones who will start something, then walk away and leave others to deal with it.

15: You won’t find Sigma man becoming part of any defined group; that simply does not appeal.

16: Often, Sigma men find themselves at the centre of ridicule; this is because others don’t understand him, so they fear him.

17: If, however, a Sigma man wants to date a Columbian woman, he will follow a crowd if it gets him closer.

That’s your Sigma man for you – sexy, or not? It’s up to you to decide!

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