100% Organic Clothing that Helps Save Orangutans – Check Out O-Rang Now

The plight of the Orangutan, one of the most beloved of the Great Apes, is well documented. Their habitats threatened by the ongoing problem of illegal logging and mining, these peaceful and intelligent creatures need our help. What better way to help than to wear 100% organic t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, with 15% of the profit from each going to help the orangutans! That’s what O-Rang is all about, and you can check out their mission statement here.

Let’s get this straight: O-Rang is not just another new clothing company looking to cash in on our love of endangered animals. They have a genuine passion for orangutans, and it shines through in the superb designs and bold prints they have come up with for their impressive range. This is quality, ethical clothing that really does help, and also looks superb too! Made from 100% organic cotton that is certified cruelty-free, O-Rang uses a manufacturer that has membership of the Fair Wear Foundation, which keeps a close eye on standards in factories making clothing.

Stunning Original Designs

It’s not just the help you’ll be giving the orangutans that gives you satisfaction when you buy O-Rang clothing, but the sheer quality of these stylish shirts and hoodies is a world apart from your usual gear. There are some fantastic and original prints that will make you smile and that also look great – check them out here and we’re sure you’ll be impressed – and a lot of thought and care has gone into giving the wearer something very special, and at sensible rather than inflated prices.

With everything from bold, colourful orangutan prints and also more simple, discreet logo prints, there is something for everyone here, and remember, 15% of the profit from each one really does go to charities that help the orangutans. This is clothing that you can wear with pride – not just because it is doing some good, but also because it’s entirely ethical and environmentally friendly. Indeed, O-Rang is working towards having all its products delivered in plastic-free packaging as soon as it can.

Be the Trend Setter

There are some clothing brands that find a niche and make it work; we think O-Rang is one, as this brilliant clothing range appeals on so many levels, to all ages, and covers both men’s and women’s gear in a full range of sizes. For the nature lovers among you, O-Rang is a name you need to remember, and for those who simply like stylish, freshly-designed clothing with a difference, you really can’t get much better than this!

There are few of nature’s creatures that are as human-like as the wonderful orangutan, and if there is any way we can help them, we should be doing it. That we can help by wearing superbly made, organic and top quality clothing from the O-Rang range is a bonus, so check them out now, and be the one who starts the trend in your crowd.

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