10 winter essentials every man needs

Winter is coming and certain items are needed to prepare you for the cold. Here is a list of 10 winter essentials every man needs:

A flannel shirt

A flannel shirt is a staple piece of clothing during winter. Many colours are available and because they are so popular, you should be able to find them in loads of stores and online at different prices.

Snow boots

Snow boots can keep your feet warm and your balance safe this winter. Sturdy and durable, snow boots are the perfect footwear you should invest in this winter. With a range of designs and colours available, you should be able to find the perfect pair for your fashion needs.

Wool socks

Like snow boots, wool socks are here to keep your feet warm this winter. Fairly cheap and great heat insulators, wool socks should be on your clothing list this winter.


Caring for your skin this winter is something that some men don’t think about. Your skin is important and in winter it can get dry and crack. Buying some moisturiser will help prevent damaged skin and keep you looking fresh all winter. The Independent has a list of the 11 best men’s moisturisers out there in 2018, ranging from £4 to £81.

A cosy sweatshirt

A sweatshirt is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy indoors during winter. Consider getting yourself a good quality make to last you for many winters to come. Jameson Carter is a trendy brand right now that provides signature sweatshirts and other attire that have been seen on many celebrities like Alex Bowen.

Make sure you get a sweatshirt that is comfy and fits your shoulders correctly for a lean and smart look.

A wool hat

Wool hats keep your head warm during winter come snow or rain. Getting a wool hat can be practical and fashionable – buy one that suits your style and get a colour that matches a variety of your outdoor outfits.

A winter overcoat

Winter overcoats should always be an essential clothing item on every man’s list. They provide warmth, comfort and style – perfect for your winter wardrobe. Be careful on price though as some winter overcoats can be very expensive. Find an overcoat in your budget and make it a staple piece of clothing.












A fashionable scarf

Scarves don’t always have to be boring. Buy a scarf that has some style or bold colour to it that can elevate your whole winter look.

You can even tie your scarf in different ways to add some fashion flare and creativity to your appearance.

Some festive pyjamas

Get into the festive spirit this winter and purchase some winter pyjamas. Whether you buy some with Christmas designs on or ones with a flannel pattern, festive pyjamas will lighten your mood every time you put them on!

A warm suit

You still have to have a professional look during winter but some suits can be so lightweight that wearing them during winter provides no warmth at all. Invest in a heavy fabric suit that possibly has a fleece lining so you can be warm at work this winter.

Are you thinking about buying any of the items listed above and are there any there that you never thought about getting until today?



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